My Lyfe.

Welcome to my brain.

Hello friends!  My name is Imani aka Monzi and you have entered my blog space.  I am 26 28 and I live in the greatest place on Earth! …upstate NY.  ((No, not the city.))  I am currently single but refraining from the mingle because I’m trying to focus solely on Jesus and His purpose for my life.

I love Jesus, by the way.  He rescued me from a life that could have been a disaster of statistics and He continues rescuing me everyday.  He is the only reason I breathe.  He is the only reason I am who I am today.  He is the only reason for life.

He alone holds me together and He will hold you too… so you should let Him! #justsayin.
((I’ll regret that hashtag when I’m 30…which isn’t too far off.  Ugh.))

Some other things I love*:
Chinese food. Music. Worship. Malawi. Bath & Bodyworks. Sit-Coms. Movies. Quite Literally Anything Latino.  Strawberry Jolly Ranchers. Starbucks baristas. LOST.Blue Ribbon. Breakfast Foods. Making Lists. The Buffalo Bills and of course, the Michael Jackson.

Some things I hate*:
Poor choices. Reality TV***.  Really poor choices. Injustice. Kitchen sink clogs. Grape Jolly Ranchers. Reckless Drivers. Traffic with reckless drives. Jello. Cake. Whipped Cream. Loud Tummy Rumbling Burps. and of course, the Snapchat.




*Things that I love and things that I hate are subject to change.  Please stand by.

***This is true except for three: Married at First Sight (season 1), the Little Couple and I love NY! Those gems will warm your heart and laugh you to the floor any day of the week.
Ugh so good.

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