My Lyfe.

Welcome to my brain.

Hello friends!  My name is Imani aka Monzi and you have entered my blog space.  I am 26 30 and I live in the greatest place on Earth! …upstate NY.  ((No, not the city.))  I am currently single but refraining from the mingle because I’m trying to focus solely on Jesus and His purpose for my life.  But now that I’m in my 30s, if God decides to send a surgeon my way… I won’t be upset LOL

I love Jesus, by the way.  He rescued me from a life that could have been a disaster of statistics and He continues rescuing me everyday.  He is the only reason I breathe.  He is the only reason I am who I am today.  He is the only reason for life.

He alone holds me together and He will hold you too… so you should let Him! #justsayin.
((I’ll regret that hashtag when I’m 30…which isn’t too far off.  Ugh.)) ((I am 30 now– I don’t regret it.))

Some other things I love*:
Friends (my friends… and also the show). Chinese food. Music. Worship. Malawi. Bath & Bodyworks. Sit-Coms. Movies. Quite Literally Anything Latinx.  Fighting for the underdog.  The actual under dog. Parks and Rec. Strawberry Jolly Ranchers. Voting. LOST. Blue Ribbon. Breakfast Foods. Making Lists. and of course, The Buffalo Bills.

Some things I hate*:
Poor choices. Reality TV***.  Really poor choices. Injustice. Racism. Kitchen sink clogs. Grape Jolly Ranchers. Reckless Drivers. Traffic with reckless drives. Jello. Confrontation.  Cake. Whipped Cream. Loud Tummy Rumbling Burps. and of course, the Snapchat.




*Things that I love and things that I hate are subject to change.  Please stand by.

***This is true except for three: Married at First Sight (season 1), the Little Couple and I love NY! Those gems will warm your heart and laugh you to the floor any day of the week.
Ugh so good.

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